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We make Nuud for our fans and our fans turn out to even help us, which is much appreciated. So, if you find some points of improvement in this text, it would be nice if you could let us know :-)


So you’ve decided to try Nuud! That’s great! Naturally, we are convinced that Nuud is effective and we hope it will soon convince you too. Starting today, you will use and experience deodorant very differently. Firstly, Nuud is a cream you apply with your fingers. Secondly, Nuud prevents body odour for days on end. And thirdly, Nuud contains absolutely nothing that is, or will ever be, harmful for your body. 

Everything about Nuud. 

When you sell a deodorant that boasts the improbable combination of 100% harmlessness and high effectiveness, you have some explaining to do. So that is what we do, at great length, on our website. We’ve discovered, though, that not everyone likes to read page after page about deodorant.

So, do you really want to know everything there is to know about Nuud and why it is important that we finally have an effective alternative for regular deodorants and antiperspirants?
You can find all the information you need at All about Nuud


Nuud is Highly Effective. 

  • revolutionary deodorant based on microsilver 
  • does not mask body odour, but actually prevents it 
  • works for days, not hours (three days on average) 
  • super concentrated; 1 tube contains enough Nuud for 6 to 7 weeks 
  • physical exercise and showering do not influence the effect 

    Nuud is Totally Innocent. 

    • totally harmless for your body and health
    • no aluminium, no salts, no propellants, no artificial aromas and no incomprehensible chemical compounds 
    • 100% guaranteed stain free 
    • tubes made of 100% recyclable sugarcane 
    • packaging made of unbleached, biodegradable FSC cardboard 

      Some tips 

      For you as a new user, we’ve compiled some useful tips on our website at new2nuud. We hope they will help make your switch to Nuud as carefree as possible.

      How to use Nuud. 

      After you’ve showered, apply Nuud under your arms. Some people give Nuud some time to set before they get dressed, others get dressed immediately. If you don’t want to get dressed at all, that’s fine too of course!

      How much Nuud do you need? 

      Nuud is highly concentrated. A pea-sized amount per armpit is enough.

      How often to apply Nuud? 

      This is highly personal and is for you to discover for yourself. The application frequency ranges from two to seven days; the average is three days. Physical exercise and showering do not affect the frequency. Some people have a very active lifestyle, but only need Nuud once every 6 days; others are less lucky and need to apply it every other day, even though they lead a more sedentary life. So, time to experiment and discover your ideal frequency!


      Initially, you may experience some after-effects from your old deodorant or antiperspirant, because the ingredients in other deo’s tend to mess up your body’s perspiration system.
      So your body may need some time to detox. For tips, new2nuud.


      We look forward to receiving any feedback you may have – positive or negative. Please email us or get in touch via facebook:


      Never Out of Nuud Service. 

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